E Cigarettes Are Here To Stay

When the electronic cigarettes hit the market a few years ago, many people looked askance and just figured that it was a passing fancy. However, e cigarettes are proving them wrong, as now even big tobacco is beginning to come into the market in a big way.

Regular tobacco smokers have used the e cigs as a way to get away from smoking tobacco, and there are many more making the transition. Early on, when the e cigs were beginning to mount somewhat of a market, big tobacco wondered how it would work if they really took off. Would it impact their regular cigarette market to the tune of difficulty if big tobacco couldn’t get in to the e cig market fast enough?

A lot of conjecture and wonderment, and meanwhile the e cig companies just continue to grow their brands and cement themselves to a growing phenomenon. E cigarettes simulate the smoking experience by atomizing a glycol liquid, turning it into vapor that is then inhaled by the user. The vapor looks like and acts like smoke, so the whole experience is very cigarette-like.

The vapor is nowhere near the danger that cigarette smoke is. Cigarette smoke contains hundreds of cancer causing chemicals as well as the sticky tar that forms on the insides of the smoker’s lungs. That too, is cancer causing, and it obliterates the alveoli, which are the oxygen exchange points where our bodies gets all of it oxygen into the bloodstream. The vapor from the e cigarettes is harmless.

The smoking habit is largely created by the nicotine in cigarettes. It is extremely addictive and probably explains the transition of a first time smoker almost choking to death with their first drag, to a sublime pleasure a couple of weeks later.

Nicotine can be included in the package of e cigarettes, so if a person switches, he or she can still get their nicotine ‘hit’ by structuring the level of eliquid in the e cig to be similar to his former cigarette. The nicotine comes in different strengths, so that is a flexible feature. The level can also be decreased on a gradual basis so as to get off of the nicotine as well.

The other thing that keeps people smoking is all of the social and comfort habits that go with the smoking experience. Have you ever noticed how smokers have ‘their’ lighter, they smoke after meals and at certain times of the day, and at social events with other smokers.

Now with e cigarettes, people don’t have to give all of that up, and there are even more incentives with all of the new shapes and colors of the devices give added things to do and talk about. Also, most will probably continue their nicotine levels without the worry of lung cancer and all that goes along with tobacco smoke.

Whatever happens in the future, it is certain that a new revolution of smoking is now the real thing and growing rapidly.