Patrick has been cartoonist-in-residence at conferences, workshops, theatre rehearsals and focus groups. Because I work quickly and unobtrusively, it suits live documentation. I can use pictures to simplify often-complicated concepts.”

Illustrations are often displayed during the event, generating further discussion among participants. Clients receive with a disc containing the images scanned at 300dpi, plus a hard copy if required. Many clients use the images in publications, presentations or online. Another technique is “live reportage”, drawing images onto a wall of paper as the event progresses. For more information,  e-mail

"...his ability to visually represent our needs is, in our experience, unmatched. He provides an excellent service, with speed and quality guaranteed." -The Rainbow Project
"His unique talent produces work that is insightful, thought-provoking and often very funny.  You end up with pieces of art that you want to keep forever and use again and again" - Anna Newell, CECPA

“The events that he attended dealt with quite complex issues and he provided a set of cartoons that reflected the discussions .” - European University Association